University choice

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After you graduate from secondary school, at first you should make a decision between private university and state university and ask about stereotype essay . However, this decision is not an simple issue because a wrong choice will effect your whole life negatively. And, when we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of private education, clearly you can see that private university overweights state university. First of all, one of the advantages of private education is that, student can choose the field that he wants to study more easily since the acceptance grade of each field is lower in private university than state university; so there is not a restriction for attendance of any one. For example, if you want to study in math at University you should take 366 point from university entrance exam. On the other hand, to take 320 point from the exam is adequate for math departure in Zirve University.

Another advantage is that private universities have common programs, such as Erasmus, with foreign universities which give you the possibility of studying abroad for one or two semesters and having two diplomas at the end of the education. For instance, Zirve University has Erasmus agreement with 6 university that are from 5 countries. In addition, private universities support you to find job with ease after graduation. So, after graduation you do not care about finding a job. Besides advantages, there are also disadvantages of private university and one of them is very high cost of education. You should pay big amount of money during the education and if youĐ’ can not afford it you can not attend to school. Another disadvantage is that you can hardly ever find a private university in every city of Turkey. Generally, they are centered in some specific cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, etc. So, if you want to choose a private university, at first you should know whether there is a private university in your city or not.

In conclusion, although there are some disadvantages of private education, when we examine its advantages, absolutely we can say that private education will be more sufficient for our needs during education and also after graduation