English Education Essays Modern Turkish education system began after Atat reforms. Education is divided in two major parts which are formal and informal education and ask about essay on stereotypes . Formal education system is divided in four groups which are nursery school, primary school, high school education and higher education. I want to explain turkey’s formal education system and its benefits.

Nursery school is the first education step in turkey education system. Children start to their education on their early ages of 5 years old in their childhood. Nursery school is very beneficial for children. In nursery school children learn basic abilities and basic knowledge. Children would improve their social characteristics during their nursery school education phase. Teachers teach students how to share theirВ owning with their friends. In Turkey, if children attend to nursery school education they would adapt to rest of the education steps easily. Nursery school education also improves their learning capabilities.

After nursery school children go to primary school. Primary school is very important in Turkish education system. The importance of the education starts at the early times of the formation of the Republic of Turkey. Atat emphasized the importance of primary education with his following saying» The claim of primary education is the claim of being a nationВ». The primary education is an obligation in Turkey for parents to send their children to school. Primary school is a compulsory educationВ in Turkey because Republic of Turkey has a goal of having reading/ writing proportion of 100 percent of their citizens. In primary school children learn basic information, speaking, writing, reading, basic mathematics, sounds, basic science and etc. Teachers educate their students according to the interests and abilities of the students. In addition to this benefitsВ primary school education aimsВ educate the children according to the Atat’s principles. One proverb says В«Primary school is back ground of life.»

Then students go to high school educations. It continues four years. Firstly; they study in prep school. After prep class they start normal class. Turkey education system aim to high school education, give to the students some abilities of professionals. Atat said that their school aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and to achieve. In high school education, students can choose any branch what they want to do in higher education. For example; language class, turkish and math class, science class¦. When students come at the end of the last class they enter –SS(choosing students exam). If student does well in the exam they choose every branch whatever they want at universities. Then students to university. This term continues for four or five years. Universities held many benefits for example; students become international person, they learn life. If students graduate the universities they can easily find a job in Turkey.

In conclusion

Turkish education system aim to teach people nationality, commonwealth, increase the society’s value, В Atatk principles. If students take a Turkish education they are more consciousВ than other students. Also Turkish education system provide big opportunities and a lot of chance to student in order toВ improve their self.