Guide to the Correct Law School Personal Statement Format

Law School Personal Statement Format: Word Count and Font

From the moment a scholar starts applying for law school, they will have a clue on what the law school personal statement format needs to look like. In case the student has no ample knowledge, they can start by reading the guidelines provided by that law school and ask about write my essay online. That way, you can be sure you are crafting content that will motivate the admission committee to provide you with an acceptance letter.

Form the specified instruction take note of key information such as word count, font, line spacing, and the settings for margins. If the format specifications are a bit vague, keep the margins within one inch and for a font that makes the content easy to read. In most cases, the standard font size is 11-12 inches, and fonts that give documents a professional look are Times New Roman, Calibri, and Ariel.

Remember, while you might prefer a specific font that you believe will make your work look beautiful, stick to the formatting rules that a law school outlines. That way, the board will see that you are a scholar who follows instructions, which increases your chances of getting accepted.

Overall the format chosen should allow the reader to recognize you as an excellent fit for that particular law program. You can even look at examples of personal statements that resulted in success to get inspired on how to format your paper.

What you shall notice about successful law school personal statements is the quality content is often written within one or two pages which are double spaced. Your name is generally not included in the personal statement, and the content demonstrates exceptional writing abilities and passion for practicing law.

Suggestions to Adhere to

When it comes to law school personal statement format, there is no one size fits all. Every law school has unique requirements. Hence you cannot send the same document to all the schools. So while adhering to the format, ensure the content reflects your proudest academic achievements and passion in a unique way while fit within the stipulated page limit.

When answering the prompt, keep any personal statement within 1/3 of the essay and use the rest of the word count to show how the event changed or shaped you into the person you are today. It is often not recommended to add any citations because it’s a personal essay. However, it would be best if you used examples to back up what you are telling.

If the institution asks you to write a personal statement that does not involve most of your story, then, in this case, citations would be appropriate. For example, when the prompt for grad school law, the personal statement requires applicants to compose a legal essay based on a case, legal issue, or other law practices.

Do Not Plagiarize

Part of ensuring the appropriate law school personal statement format is adhered to is composing original content. Refrain from writing in a similar manner as other successful personal statements since the panel has examined numerous applications and are likely to spot copied content. Before submitting, always check your work in a plagiarism checker to be confident that you crafted 100% unique content.