Guide to Grad School Personal Statement Format

The Only Grad School Personal Statement Format You Need

One of the most crucial aspects that an admission board can use to determine whether your application ends in the rejection pile or gets accepted is the format and ask about assignment help . Adhering to all the specified grad school personal statement format is also one of the most challenging parts of writing the application.

However, without following the formatting rules, you will likely miss your chance of not enrolling in your favorite college or university. Luckily, you can use this post as a checklist to ensure your grad school application is appropriately formatted.

Look at Samples

Do you want to waste time reading and trying to figure out all the citation rules, or would you rather learn from subject experts or someone whose application was a success? Most people would choose the latter. That is why, in case you are not knowledgeable or experienced in using the referencing style specified in grad school application, opt to learn faster by looking at samples.

Similar well-written examples will show you the correct way to add an in-text citation and even footnotes.

You will also learn how to arrange references correctly. When looking at personal statement examples, you will notice that the in-text citation is placed in parenthesis outside the comma or periods after a fact, quotation, or paraphrased text.

Understand the Formatting

In most cases, the format to apply is specified in the guidelines. Make a point of reading all the given instructions and note any key issues such as the structure to adopt, font, spacing, and margin sizes. A grad school expects every personal statement to utilize a font that makes the content easy to read. So choose the best font and size, for instance:

  • New times Roman, Ariel, or Calibri.
  • The ideal font size is 12 points for standard text and 14 for headings and subheadings.
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • 1-inch margins.

In case the font is not specified, go for that which gives our application a professional look and makes the content easy to read.


Structuring your paper appropriately is part of proper formatting. While you might have outlined your application to have an introduction, body, and conclusion, avoid adding your name to the personal statement. It is a crucial part of the grad school application that already has your name on it. However, in some exceptional circumstances, the grad program might request otherwise. In this situation, obey the directions given.

Number of Pages

Students applying to grad programs want to impress the admission board with complex words and long personal statement. This is often a wrong strategy because the board expects the personal statement to be between one and three double spaced pages.

Schools can encourage applicants to adopt a less formal writing style to showcase passion and motive for choosing that field of study and grad program. However, grad school personal statement format allows the personal storytelling aspect to stand out.

Some schools provide strict guidance on the expected content, submission method, and word count. That is why it is essential to read and reread the instructions to understand what is expected in your personal statement.