Examples learned? Which Britain players measured up against South Africa?

So the residue has chosen our greatest test series rout at home for quite a long time. Indeed it was frustrating, yet on reflection it wasn’t absolutely surprising. Our structure had been on a descending bend for some time, while South Africa’s stock has been rising quicker than Usain Bolt’s. Most examinations have previously been finished, so there’s no good reason for doing one more here. The overall agreement is that we lost since South Africa were superior to us; this probably won’t be an especially sagacious end, yet at the same it’s most likely the right one.

Before we continue on toward the ODI series with relish

We should simply consider the singular exhibitions of our players – a sort of school report card in the event that you like. Which players are charming themselves to the educators, which ones are in detainment, and which ones are at risk for suspension (or might we venture to say it, ejection)? Andrew Strauss: Grade D. It’s never ideal to give a Remains victor a bomb grade, however this term wasn’t his best. His best subject, batting, self-destructed in the test. In the meantime, his choices as head boy failed to impress anyone. Making Swann stand by outside the exercise center during the second PE illustration was exceptionally hostile.

A few students likewise appeared to scrutinize his power, despite the fact that Strauss will be feeling better that the principal guilty party has been suspended for slagging off the instructors. In the event that he hadn’t taken care of himself with pride during the issue, Strauss could have a Alastair Cook: C. If not for his solid appearance toward the beginning of term, the instructors’ pet would most likely have fizzled. His standing is just about unblemished after the series, despite the fact that his extra-curricular dance examples don’t appear to be working; his foot development during the principal innings at Master’s would have made David Brent become flushed. More will be required from Cook this colder time of year – and hopefully he conveys. The school discussing group needs him.

Jonathan Trott made a couple of valuable commitments in class

Yet didn’t exactly follow through on paper. Be that as it may, he stays one of the 6th structure’s most trustworthy regents; the school would be rudderless without him. Shows extraordinary inclination for planting, yet this has had an unfavorable effect on his uniform – Steins are all over him. Kevin Pietersen: N. Kevin has showed confounding brightness in PE, yet has begun to get arrogant. He’s been starting ruckuses, noting the instructors back, questioning essential realities (like the world is level) and mouthing off to educators.

In the meantime, his presentation in class is blended. He’s totally splendid at show, yet his center subjects need work – right when he looks set for good grades he turns off and lets himself down. Anyway this has been eclipsed by questions with his cohorts. Despite the fact that he asserts he’s being harassed (by more modest youngsters!), his choice to slag off the school in the nearby cloth was unforgivable.

Was as of late suspended endlessly for giving the head boy (and head administrator) the finger. Ian Ringer: C. At the point when you believe he’s beginning to grow up, youthful Ian (presently incredibly 30 years of age) returns to adolescent propensities -, for example, drifting at wide balls outside off-stump. It’s like disgrace. Stylishly he’s the most incredible in the school, however the resistance generally appears to single out him. Maybe they ought to see his sweetheart. That will quiet them down.

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