How to Win $1 Million Playing Video Poker in 6 Months

My most recent fixation is a book I’m perusing called สมัครsagame1688 Million Dollar Video Poker by Bob Dancer. It’s anything but a methodology book or even a very remarkable how-to book.

All things considered, it’s a journal of the creator’s experience winning 1,000,000 dollars playing video poker during a multi month time frame from September 2000 to March 2001. I’m a firm adherent, however, that the best how-to data comes as real contextual investigations and instances of individuals who’ve accomplished something.

To sum things up, here’s the manner by which he won 1,000,000 dollars, and how it affects you assuming you need to realize how to win 1,000,000 dollars in a half year, as well.

What the $1 Million Consisted Of

In the event that you read the journal intently, unmistakably the million dollars won playing video poker wasn’t completely cash rewards. In the segment later in the book where the writer examines the million that he won, he clarifies that this included cashback and different advantages.


2 PCs, a home amusement place, different vehicles, and more than 4 million preferred customer credits from American Airlines. They additionally remained in the most delightful rooms accessible at the MGM – the Mansion and the Penthouse – for multi week stays.

One of the exercises I detracted from this story is a similar exercise you’ll gain from numerous examples of overcoming adversity. It requires a long time to turn into an overnight achievement. To win 1,000,000 dollars at video poker, you should initially develop your bankroll adequately large to have the option to deal with that activity. You additionally need to become your range of abilities appropriately.

I like to contrast it with what occurs with a bamboo plant.

It requires 5 years to grow a bamboo plant. A landscaper growing a bamboo plant should prepare and water the plant each day. During that time, all the development of the plant creates under the ground – it’s setting up an arrangement of roots.

Be that as it may, following 5 years, the bamboo breaks over the ground, and it will grow 90 feet high over the course of the following 5 weeks.

If it’s not too much trouble, NOTE:

You can track down a more full conversation of how little propensities transform into huge outcomes by small every day enhancements in the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, which offers exercises that apply to betting just as some other undertaking.

You Need More than Just a Strategy and a Bankroll

You additionally need solid game conditions. You can be the best part on the planet at 7/5 Jacks or Better, however on the off chance that you continue to play, you’ll lose all your cash.

You should track down a physical or online ฝาก 20 รับ 100 ถอนไม่อั้นล่าสุด club that offers great compensation tables and great video poker games.

What’s more, you need more than that, as well.

Artist was playing the games at the MGM when they were offering different advancements that made their games the absolute best in Vegas.


In case you were a top notch player who could acquire 100,000 focuses in a month, you’d get an extra 40% cashback. To acquire 100,000 focuses on video poker, you’d need $800,000 in coin-in.

The gambling club was offering different advantages, as well, however the greatest thing they were offering sere some $5 video poker games that were granting focuses dependent on gaming machine play instead of video poker play.

Club grant focuses in the players club to some extent dependent on which game you’re playing. In case you’re playing spaces, you can procure 100,000 focuses with only $500,000 in real life.

When you set up this, the cashback on the video poker games at the MGM were offering 0.875% cashback.

With the sort of high dollar video poker play Bob Dancer and his better half were occupied with, this implied large chunk of change in cashback regardless of whether they weren’t winning anything.

You Also Need 2 Kinds of Bankroll

I’ve composed before about the significance of having an enormous enough bankroll to deal with the activity you’re getting at the club. Yet, those rules just apply to playing alright to keep away from the danger of ruin.

The likelihood that a dash of misfortune will make you lose everything.

It doesn’t represent the mental impact of betting for a lot of cash and managing tremendous swings in fortune after some time.

Kindly NOTE:

At the point when Dancer was running after his million, the best game at the MGM was a 9/6 Jacks or Better game for $25. You could without much of a stretch lose $35,000 in a solitary end of the week playing this game, and Dancer did exactly that in 1998 or 1999. His significant other didn’t have the mental certainty to manage those sorts of misfortunes.

Fortunately, the answer for the two sorts of bankroll issues – monetary and mental can be something similar.

Tracking down a Backer Can Help yet Isn’t Always Easy

I composed a blog entry as of late about how marking functions with betting. You discover somebody who will cover your up front investment in return for a level of your rewards. This can make you more OK with the expected misfortunes, since you’re gambling another person’s cash.

Additionally, it can empower you to play for stakes that are higher than you could ordinarily bear.

Artist chose to offer a portion of his activity to different financial backers. He couldn’t discover anybody willing to face the challenge, so he needed to persuade his significant other to allow him to put away their own cash.


He informed her regarding the different shows they’d get passes to by playing at those levels. Behaves like Barbara Streisdand, the Eagles, Elton John, and Tina Turner were all going to be visiting the area.

She hesitantly concurred, and they very quickly lose $20,000. Over the course of the following not many weeks, they lost another $20,000, in spite of the fact that they saw some more successes over that period.

They at last turned it around by hitting a $100,000 big stake to break their losing streak.

What Kind of Action Do You Need to Bring to the Casino in this Kind of Quest?

To get the sorts of gambling club rewards and advantages portrayed above, Dancer and his significant other were playing $25 video poker around 6 hours per day.

For this, they got free housing, free suppers, and surprisingly free back rubs. Furthermore, these were the most pleasant suites in the inn. Furthermore, these suites were 2500 square foot estates – that is greater than my home.

They were even permitted to set up a mixed drink party in their estate one evening, and the inn gave a head servant to the whole occasion.

ou Need to Know How to Calculate How Many Points You’re Earning

The gambling clubs don’t make it simple to figure the number of focuses you acquire, however it’s not difficult to do in case you’re willing to invest the work.

You start by embeddings your players club card.

Next take a gander at the readout on the screen that clarifies the number of focuses you have now.

Then, at that point you play a solitary hand of video poker.

You eliminate your card – stand by 10 seconds – then, at that point reinsert it.

The peruser will welcome you with your count of focuses once more.

The contrast between the number of focuses you have now versus the number of focuses you had then is the number of focuses you’re acquiring per hand.

If it’s not too much trouble, NOTE:

Since those focuses are utilized to figure cash back, you can utilize them to figure out what your genuine expected return is on the game. In case you’re acquiring enough focuses from advancements, you can get a normal return of more than 100% — implying that, over the long haul, you’ll win more cash than you lose from the club.

Furthermore, Sometimes It’s Okay to “Make an Effort”

What’s the significance here to “make an effort?”

I had an incredible poker player as a guide for some time from the get-go in my profession as a betting essayist. I was educating him regarding how I needed to play in a specific competition, however I didn’t think I had a large enough bankroll to warrant it.

He disclosed to me that on the off chance that I wouldn’t miss the cash, it was alright to go after it. I could, all things considered, consistently amass another bankroll. In club betting or different sorts of betting, making an effort may mean playing a Megabucks gambling machine or purchasing a lottery ticket.

This is negative assumption betting amazingly, yet it’s alright to attempt now and again.

On the off chance that you can track down a game where you have a positive assumption yet at the same time don’t have the bankroll for it, making an effort may be beneficial. On the off chance that you do, you ought to have a misfortune restrict you won’t ever veer off from. Also, that misfortune cutoff ought to be a little rate (15% or less) of your bankroll.

Try not to make an effort in the event that you can’t deal with losing. In the event that it will send you into a mental spiral, you’re likely lucky to be simply pounding endlessly as opposed to making an effort.

Likewise, ponder the chances of winning when you make an effort. There’s a major contrast between a 1 of every 40,000 likelihood of hitting an imperial flush and a 1 out of 20 million shot of winning the lottery.


To win 1,000,000 dollars at video poker or some other club game, you’re likewise going to have to luck out.

Kindly NOTE:

Regardless of whether you have dominated the procedure for the game, the chances are against you winning that enormous a measure of cash.

You don’t simply have to luck out with which cards you’re managed. You need to luck out enough to track down an ideal circumstance.

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